Center for Surgical Research

University Hospital of Zurich and University of Zurich






PD Paolo Cinelli, PhD


Prof. Margarete Arras



Tina Wentz, MSc

The Center for Surgical Research facilitates and supports experimental research for all Surgical Departments and related institutes. In particular, the center operates the experimental research operating theaters, checks experiment licenses and supports researchers in in-vivo experiments in close affiliation with the Central Biological Laboratory and the LASC. The Center further provides a 4.7T Bruker MRI and an EchoMRI system with specialist support. The dedicated immunohistochemistry service enables researchers at the Medical Faculty and associated departments citywide to conduct independent, timely, complex analyses without affecting the core business of the hospital’s pathology department. The managed labs also include laboratories of the Surgical Departments as well as the equipment pool, allowing for local state-of-the-art preparation and analysis (qPCR, ELISA, FACS etc.). Please contact our specialists or for more information.


The Center’s Photography and Graphics team is responsible for surgical and patient images of the Surgical and Internal Medical Departments. It supports researchers across the hospital with graphic design and, of course, the entire hospital with event and employee photographs.


The Center coordinates student rotations for the Surgical Departments and the Institute for Anesthesiology. Every year we host almost 200 Swiss and international medical students who total around 45 full-time positions in surgical and related departments and institutes, as well as an apprentice lab technician.


Center for Surgical Research

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