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Center for Preclinical Development


Dr. sc.nat. Conny Waschkies
Scient. Administration
Udo Ungethüm
Technical Assistant

The Small Animal MRI Service Center (SAMISC) is now administrated as part of the Center of Surgical Research and Conny Waschkies, PhD, was recruited to oversee its activities.
SAMISC is equipped with a Bruker 4.7T PharmaScan® MRI system designed for high throughput preclinical imaging and biomedical and molecular imaging applications of small animals and tissue samples up to 6 cm in diameter. It features routine MRI sequences optimized for small rodents such as rats and mice and is operated by ParaVision® 5 and 6 software packages for data acquisition, reconstruction, analysis and visualization.
The system is located in LAB B 88 and can be booked through the Shared Equipment booking system after introduction into its operation:

Shared Equipment Booking


SAMISC expanded its equipment portfolio in 2018 by an EchoMRI® system for body fat composition analysis, measuring whole body fat, lean, free and total water masses in live mice and, with a special antenna insert, in tissue probes with a mass ranging from 0.3-7g. The system is located in LAB B 88 and can be booked through:

 Echo MRI Booking

SAMISC revised its user agreement forms to harmonize with the Center for Surgical research and BZL rules.


An overview of our services, system descriptions and available research protocols can be obtained from the Center for Surgical Research Intranet Webpage